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Manabu Shimakura

Manabu Shimakura is a Japanese singer, vocalist (Baritone), crossover singer, actor (musical). April 13, 1978. He was born in Toyama City, Toyama. He started with the piano and voice training from freshman in high school. He graduated from the department of vocal music at Kunitachi College of Music in Japan. He was awarded the Prize of Excellence in the department of vocal music at the competition for young people in Toyama Prefecture (1995).

He learned the basics of vocal music from Mr. Setsuo Asaoka, Ms. Mitsuyo Asaoka and Mr. Masao Nonaka, and also the bel canto Method from Mr. Kazuo Kobayashi. He learned the piano from Ms. Ms. Motoko Kuroda and Akiko Kusano.

College age, He debuted at the opera "The Marriage of Figaro" in Almaviva at the Local performances (2001). In addition, the same year, he appeared for voice actors in a original drama at radio broadcast.

After graduation, he joined in The Shiki Theatre Company (2002). There, he learned the basics of ballet, jazz dance, and modern ballet. Moreover, he learned basic acting from Mr. Hatori Michihiro. he is still far more very active as singer and actor. He appeared in many films such as CM and TV. And he has been active in various quarters nursery rhyme, pop music (Japanese), enka, adult contemporary music,rock, musicals and opera as a crossover singer in combined method utilizing each genre.

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